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April Giarla

Digital Marketing Project Manager

April manages the digital marketing projects and initiatives for StratX, to create awareness and develop the company’s business. She has helped launch the company’s digital marketing strategy and build their presence on social media channels. In particular, she has enabled StratX to become more customer-centric in their digital marketing approach by developing online content such as white papers, videos and webinars to attract and engage potential clients.

In a professional context, she brings the ability to understand and analyze from various perspectives, as well as taking a creative and positive approach to solving problems and accomplishing tasks.

A US native, she decided to leave her home country early in her career and has lived in Canada and France where she worked as an English teacher, e-commerce manager and international digital communications professional.  Though she studied French in school, it took her several years of persevering to understand and communicate with the French to reach the point where she can say she is not only truly fluent in the language, but the culture as well.

Living and working abroad fulfills her curiosity to learn about new cultures and has taught her how to approach things from different perspectives and challenge her habitual way of thinking.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking and discovering different types of cuisine, painting, drawing and travel. Growing up in Kansas, she once had a true Wizard of Oz experience when she had to escape a tornado by hiding in a bathtub.

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