Experiential Learning

Experiential learning, simply put, is

learning by doing.

It allows participants to develop and acquire new skills in a safe environment that reflects real-world situations in an ultra-compressed timeframe. Experiential learning is practiced through business simulations and serious games. Participants can experience years of market activities in a matter of days or even hours. Discover our "what is experiential learning" article to find out more, alternatively, download our free guide.

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A Proven Learning Model for Effective Leaders

Studies have shown that the most effective managers learn by following the 70:20:10 model. 

  • 70% of learnings come from on-the-job experiences
  • 20% of learnings come from constructive peer interaction
  • 10% of learnings come from traditional training courses and reading

Effective managers learn by actively experiencing and figuring out concepts themselves which is what makes experiential learning so effective.

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