A Unique Methodology for Real Business Impact

We deliver experiential learning journeys that build strong emotions and a collaborative spirit, which leads to lasting on-the-job change and business impact.

Participants learn through experience


Engaging business simulations provide a unique and stimulating environment to allow deeper comprehension of core concepts. 

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We identify and explore the core business concepts that create the motivation for change using interactive discussion sessions. 



In order to ensure real change, our consulting services provide support to ensure that core concepts are embedded into working practices. 

Flexible Delivery Approaches for Every Situation 

StratX ExL takes into account not only your organization’s learning objectives and desired outcomes, but the time boundaries and technical capabilities to craft a customized solution. Regardless of constraints, our team can craft an experiential learning initiative using a blended learning approach.

Blended Learning

Learning is most effective when done over time. StratX ExL journeys achieve maximum impact by incorporating a wide variety of tools and modalities. Our experiential learning journeys can be delivered in both hybrid and virtual settings. See client success stories.

Remote programs

For leaders and managers who can’t afford to be away from the office, consultant-led online programs can be delivered over weeks or months, augmented with self-guided work that accommodates the learner’s schedule. See client success stories.

Diverse Teams

Delegates fully immerse themselves together in a consultant-led onsite program. Engagements can range from 0.5 to 5 days and are augmented with additional modalities when appropriate. 

Train the Trainers

For organizations that need to employ large-scale initiatives using internal resources, StratX ExL can design and develop customized solutions and train client facilitators. 


Powerful Blended Learning Journeys

Custom-designed to meet your organization’s learning and business goals, StratX ExL uses a powerful mix of our residential onsite programs and remote stages supported by a series of online touchpoints. Experiential learning is ingrained throughout the journey, using tools such as business simulations to develop participants hard and soft skills while creating a truly collaborative and highly engaging learning experience.

Example Blended Learning Journey



Core Learning Tools

We empower our clients and partners by leveraging technology to enhance the blended learning experience and provide solutions that bring the most value. Our team of experts continuously improves its toolbox of multi-modal options.


Evolving Multi-Modal Toolbox


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Experiential Business Simulations 

Within our toolbox, business simulations are the backbone of our experiential learning programs.  See our portfolio of  business simulations for corporate training and executive education. Discover how you can use them as a transformative solution for your learning and development initiatives.

Business Simulations

Why Use Experiential Learning?

Studies have shown that the most effective managers learn by actively experiencing and figuring out concepts themselves - which is what makes experiential learning the most effective learning solution for your organization's development needs.

Download our free Experiential Learning User's Guide to discover how experiential learning can help you. 

Experiential Learning Guide