The StratX ExL Experiential Learning approach provides a powerful yet risk-free environment that places leaders of Global Fortune 500 companies in front of real-life or close to real-life business challenges. The aim is hone key skills to be able to take management decisions effectively, lead diverse & hybrid teams and nurture a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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Understanding the interconnected internal and external dynamics that drive financial success, as well as the ability to formulate and execute clever strategies, has been vital for companies’ success and, crucially, for profitability.
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Enterprise wide


Helping functional managers gain an enterprise-wide perspective and develop a cross functional peer network is key to today's business.

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The agile leader is responsible and adaptive – constantly takes stock of the situation, creates a safe space to experiment, take risks and engage and ultimately drives innovation and brings about change.

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How can organizations prepare current and future leaders to stay agile and relevant in today's volatile environment? Check top trends in leadership development.

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Why Choose StratX ExL

Experiential Leadership Development

Proven learning model for effective leaders

Studies have shown that the most effective managers learn by following the 70:20:10 model.
  • 70% of learnings come from on-the-job experiences
  • 20% of learnings come from constructive peer interaction
  • 10% of learnings come from traditional training courses and reading

Effective managers learn by actively experiencing and figuring out concepts themselves. Discover what experiential learning can do.

Right blend of soft skills & hard skills

Teams practice skills in a realistic business case, facing a volatile market environment, and decision-making under time pressure. Natural behaviors transpire and are an opportunity to get feedback, reflect and see the impact of teamwork on business performance.

Exceptional engagement in different learning environments

Experiential business simulations provide a perfect environment for extensive collaboration and friendly competition among teams that can create top engagement in virtual, in-person or hybrid mode.

Multi-level leadership programs

Leadership journeys adapted to different management levels and learning objectives :

  • New & first-line manager
  • Managers of managers
  • Senior Managers & the C-Suite

Considering the disruptive changes we have seen in the past 10 years, we have little idea of what the world will be like in the next 10. Find out how to future-proof your leaders today.


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Women Leaders & Gender Parity

A first of its kind 9-month experiential learning women leadership journey with three core components including our CentrX Biopharma business simulation in its leadership scenario

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