Changing mindsets and organizational culture is a difficult task, but an essential one when you need to improve the way your business operates. StratX ExL commercial excellence programs are tailored to help you address the critical capability gaps, such as identifying robust strategic marketing processes, managing diverse portfolios, transforming your digital practices, and translating customer insights into profitable growth. ​

Market opportunities

Monitor the market's reaction as you focus your strategy to beat the competition and engage key stakeholders to generate profitable growth. 
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Manage strategic and tactical marketing decisions for multiple brands in a realistic market scenario, fighting a number of fictitious competitors.
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Customer centric

Experience a dynamic approach to discovering and using insights in order to develop superior customer offerings, sharpen tactical decisions and invest in a superior customer experience. 

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B2B Marketing has become increasingly complex. Training your marketing teams to adapt to the trends and challenges is key.

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Why Choose StratX ExL

Commercial Excellence

End-to-end marketing excellence

Being a marketer in the B2B world is increasingly complex. New trends are emerging, while pressure from shareholders to deliver results is greater than ever. Top business leaders understand that management teams need to reinforce both functional skills for developing a market strategy, as well as leadership competencies. StratX ExL programs help develop the company-specific functional skills, as well as key strategic leadership areas.

Strong emotional anchor

Our commercial excellence programs give participants a unique opportunity to experience dynamic and true-to-life market scenarios that create appetite for learning and inspire teams to drive innovation in their own activities.

Expert facilitator team

StratX ExL programs are coached and debriefed by an expert facilitator team (top MBAs) with significant business experience in marketing, strategy and management across different industries.

It’s crucial to clarify that customer-centricity is not serving all needs of all customers all the time. Instead, it’s about identifying the customers you want to serve, starting the dialogue with them to create the right products, at the right moment, and at a profit. 


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A fully-customized & segmented development initiative to build key market-differentiating capabilities for global marketing teams using a tailor-made CentrX scenario.



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