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What is Leadership Agility

Posted by Gyzel Pialat on Oct 5, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Which two words can best narrow down hundreds of 21st century conversations and discussions around leadership agility?

Responsibility and Adaptability.

The agile leader is responsible and adaptive – constantly takes stock of the situation, creates a safe space to experiment, take risks and engage and ultimately drives innovation and brings about change.

Agile leaders tend to move through five hierarchical stages. To be able to help you understand your leadership capabilities to start your agility journey or help you sit where you stand so you can move into a new leadership agility level, check out our interactive diagram below.



Download your copy of the Leadership Agility Diagram.



While Synergists (just 1% of today’s managers) may represent the long-term future of effective leadership, the vital challenge most companies face today is the need to develop Achievers at the upper levels into Catalysts, and Experts at the lower and middle levels into Achievers.” 

- Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs 


If you need further guidance on how to help your leaders develop to the next level or start a conversation on how to promote organization-wide agility, click below to reach out to one of our expert consultants today.

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