Audience and Objectives

This top 10 Biopharma company had worked with a strategy consulting firm to design an overall asset strategy development process. While having a process provided an anchor, the R&D leadership team felt that the members of the cross functional asset development teams (including asset strategy, program management, medical, regulatory and access) would benefit from sharpening their strategic thinking skills. A key objective was for the teams to understand and be proactive about the need to integrate key external client requirements (physicians, payers, patients) into the way the assets were being developed as early as possible. The company had recently acquired smaller organizations and their R&D teams wanted to create an environment enabling peer networking with the extended team.


CentrX Pharma

StratX ExL created and facilitated with the client a 1.5 day experiential learning journey using the R&D scenario of its CentrX Biopharma simulation.

Cross functional R&D teams took over a promising, fictitious asset in Phase II clinical trials. Over three simulation rounds, they made decisions about clinical trial designs across geographies, examined the possibility of companion diagnostic tests, developed health economics and outcomes studies and considered various drug delivery options to create value for patients. In the last decision round, they had a chance to launch the asset and analyze their market performance with key stakeholders (payers, providers, patients). StratX ExL consultants facilitated debriefs and sessions on strategic decision making and case studies of actual drug launches and key success factors.


The learning journey was a success with high participant engagement and robust discussions on how to apply specific learnings back in the job and to the entire organization as a whole.

One participant commented:

“The simulation was a nice way to demonstrate how priorities/intelligence change over time and effective teams need to be responsive to these changes; often times teams may fail to optimize outcomes because they don't pick up on these change, aren't responsive to the changes or a combination of both."

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