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Pharma Wars Series | The Summary of All Episodes by StratX

Posted by April Giarla on Jan 12, 2017 6:00:00 AM

The future galaxy is complex. Where markets are more competitive and customers more segmented, you’ve got to be smarter.

But not only smarter, the Jedi today needs to be everywhere at once. 

To beat the Galactic Empire you must go beyond the ambitions of a young, inexperienced worker from a distant planet. You must be able to thrive across the Galaxy both within and across key stakeholders: Patients, Payers, and Physicians.

The days of the lone Jedi are numbered. To win, you will need your best fighters from multiple disciplines together to truly ‘see’ and understand customers and to collaborate on solutions. 

In the Episode I: The Multichannel Menace you read about the need to set common company goals and train cross-functionally.

You learned about Novartis using make-up artists to simulate the daily suffering a psoriasis patient endures in Episode II: Attack of Patient Centricity as well as the need to “think like a patient, not for a patient.”

The digital funnel concept was introduced to you in our third post, Episode III: Revenge of the Net.

You read about integrating digital and your digital team members into the mix and our simple four-step approach:

  1. Understand why you want to engage with potential customers 
  2. Know which tools work with your audience
  3. Provide compelling reasons for people to engage
  4. Enable people to easily transition into being a customer or advocate

Your focus determines your reality.

Episode IV: LEX & The New Slope took you on a brief historic journey through the launch models of today and of the recent past. You read about the dawn of new, narrow indication large molecules and the juggernauts that followed aimed squarely at eliminating public health problems. 

Success easy is not.

Episode V: The Payer Strikes Back the rise and evolution of the market access department into a leading internal strategic player. Here too you no doubt picked up on the need for enterprise-wide collaboration as a key to addressing the needs of a multi- stakeholder and interdependent universe.  

The pharma galaxy is about to see the release of new drugs at a torrid pace, as illustrated in Episode VI: The Return of the InnovatorThe return of R&D productivity across the rebel forces as a whole should inspire you to create commercial innovations. 

Dig for insights to spark your ideas and collaborate across disciplines to drive your ideas into reality, just as UCB did with their epilepsy scorecard initiative. The field is wide open for innovations to the selling model, as well as innovations for patients, payers, physicians and their integrated worlds.  

Hero become you can.

Want to be a rebel hero? StratX is with you. We are experts in building the ‘thought-ware’ you need to navigate the new environment and to win.

Contact Yann Cartier ( to see how StratX can help your teams succeed in 2017 and beyond.

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Series and articles created and written by Alan SlavikRichard HainsworthDoug Ross and April Giarla.

If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy more from our completed Pharma Wars Series. You can find all of our previous installments in our recently published e-book:

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Download the Pharma Wars Series 

·       Episode I: The Multichannel Menace

·       Episode II: Attack of Patient Centricity

·       Episode III: Revenge of the Net

·       Episode IV: LEX & The New Slope

·       Episode V: The Payer Strikes Back

·       Episode VI: The Return of the Innovator

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