We were founded on the simple theory: you learn by doing

30 years ago, our founder and INSEAD professor, Jean-Claude Larréché invented a strategic marketing business simulation called Markstrat. His theory was simple: if you give students a way to apply under real market conditions the theory they learned during their lessons, they will not only devote more energy but will also learn from their mistakes and successes alike.

Like our customers, we evolved with market needs and expanded our business simulation range. We also expanded to develop tailor made programs that help organizations address specific learning and development needs.

Today, we serve both corporate organizations  and academic institutions and to date we've delivered exciting experiential learning experiences for one million leaders in 70 countries and more than 500 business schools.

With StratX ExL as your ally in management development, you open up a world of capabilities, talent and technology ready to help you reach your unique goals. 

Our Core Values

We strive for excellence in all that we do.
We create memorable, impactful learning experiences.
We value interacting with people in a global multi-cultural environment.
We advocate the value of learning by doing.
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It’s our people and our history who make us the experts in delivering memorable experiential learning solutions for hundreds of organizations across the world. Together, we are made up of over 12 different origins and speak over 12 languages. Meet the people behind StratX and find out who they are, their career highlights and more.

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