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Sebastien Lamiaux


Sebastien designs and delivers learning solutions at StratX ExL.

During his time at StratX ExL, Sebastien has worked across a wide variety of industries including B2C, B2B and healthcare where he’s developed leaders, empowered teams and enabled companies to achieve greater success.

Sebastien can be counted on for bringing a focused, disciplined mind to the programs he works on while also bringing a touch of humour. Within the StratX ExL team, Sebastien is known for being organized, resourceful and pragmatic.

Within his role at StratX ExL, there’s always a different task at hand; from thinking about new content, to planning a foreign trip, to speaking with people from the US, Europe and Asia on a single conference call.

Sebastien is one of our two resident French men based in Boston; where he’s now spent more time in than his original home country. Outside of StratX ExL, Sebastien enjoys family time, reading and travelling.

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