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Jean-Claude Larréché

Founder & CEO

Jean-Claude is the founding chairman and CEO of StratX ExL. It all started 30 years ago, where as a professor at INSEAD, he invented a strategic marketing business simulation called Markstrat.

The theory was simple: if you give students a way to apply the theory they learned during their lessons under real market conditions, they will not only devote more energy, but will also learn from their mistakes and successes alike, embedding concepts for the long term. 

He extended this theory to business professionals as well, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies to help build their leadership development capabilities. 

Currently he is the Alfred H. Heineken Chair at INSEAD, where he has created several executive programs, focusing on powering growth, strategic management and customer focus. He is also author of The Momentum Effect which introduces a complete framework for gaining momentum from a business perspective, keeping it, and harnessing its power. A  born innovator and thought leader in strategic marketing, he specializes in creating efficient sustainable growth through excellence in customer focus, innovation and marketing.  

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