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Slavina Pancheva

Senior Consultant

Slavina helps design and manage engaging programs in an array of areas, ranging from women's leadership to business acumen for StratX ExL.

She has broken new ground at StratX ExL by winning and managing a women’s leadership initiative with a top pharmaceutical company, an endeavor that aligns closely with her personal commitment to equality for women.

Rigorous and conscientious, she is known to follow through with the task at hand get the job done. Curious by nature, she loves learning and is always looking to try out new ideas and projects.  

Before joining StratX ExL, Slavina received a First Class Law Degree from Oxford University. She moved to Paris thereafter and managed to learn French in only a few years through lots of hard work and practice. She has also helped develop and implement communications strategies for major companies like Instagram and L’Oreal.

In her free time, she enjoys travel, cooking and hiking, and is a language and literature-lover. In fact, she was part of a Guinness World Record for the most people performing Shakespeare at the same time. Not surprisingly, with so many interests she has to limit her hobbies, so she has time to do them all.

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