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How Customer-Centric is Your Organization? Results from Our Quiz

Posted by Diana Montero on May 4, 2021 3:07:56 PM

A few weeks ago, we invited you to take our quiz to find out how customer-centric your organization is. Today, we share those results and include our recommendations on how to improve your organization’s relationship with its customers as we delve into three key areas around customer-centricity.

1. Are you spending enough quality time with your customers?

Spending quality time with your customers will help you cultivate customer intimacy and will enable you to use their feedback to make better decisions.

The results from our quizResults from question 1

Our recommendation: Cultivate customer intimacy
Understanding how your customers perceive your brand, the best experiences they have had with your organization, the elements they admire from your competitors that you could easily replicate are just a few of the multiple insights that you could get from establishing a frequent and genuine dialogue with your customers. Managers and decision-makers need to create and constantly nurture this relationship.

2. Is your organization translating insights into exceptional customer experience?

Gathering information and insights is only the first step to improving your offering, boosting sales, and creating the ideal customer journey.

The results from our quizResults from question 2

Our Recommendation: Use customer feedback to boost business growth
In a recent blog from StratX ExL called “Customer Insight Examples to Inspire Business Growth,” we shared how IMB uses these interactions with customers to come up with improvement ideas for their products, but also that they end up selling more to existing customers by engaging in those conversations.

Our recommendation: Gather sufficient insights to create the ideal customer journey
If you limit your exchanges with customers to discuss your products, you are losing a unique opportunity to comprehend their expectations, situation, aspirations, decision process, pain points, and any other factors that will play a role when they make decisions. Focus on the customer journey to design an exceptional experience for them.

3. Are you managing the customer journey to create loyalty?

Some organizations might think they are customer-centric because they are listening to their customers, but it takes considerably more than that. The organization’s structure, its culture, and how everyone understands their role in cultivating and retaining clients are clearer indicators.

The results from our quiz

Results from question 3

Our recommendation: Go from product-oriented to customer-centric
Your website is only one of the many touchpoints between your organization and its customers. Assess your organization’s structure, your marketing strategy, your sales team, and pitch. More importantly, define and shift your company’s mindset to achieve loyal customers and a sustainable relationship with them.

Our recommendation: Enhance everyone’s role in achieving loyal customers
Your goal is to get total mobilization! To create the best customer experience and journey, you will need everyone on board convinced that every little interaction and decision can affect the outcome.

Start your customer centricity journey

To end this blog, it’s crucial to clarify that customer-centricity is not customer-slavery - serving all needs of all customers all the time. Instead, it’s about identifying the customers you want to serve, starting the dialogue with them to create the right products, at the right moment, and at a profit. Beyond the transaction, it must be a symbiotic relationship that leads to loyalty. Discover more on how to implement customer-centricity within your business by reading our ultimate guide.

If you are interested in finding out how we help our clients to start and consolidate a customer-centricity culture, get in touch today!

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