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Transformative Leadership: What are your horizons for the next 3 years?

Posted by Gyzel Pialat on Mar 15, 2022 9:40:19 AM

Businesses across all industries feel the pressure to adapt into agile, resilient organizations ready to face tomorrow's challenges. To meet these shifting needs, leaders need to reinforce leadership competencies alongside values and ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) policies. Some have referred to this as "Horizons 2025" : setting goals for three year's time. 

To navigate the new reality, StratX ExL has identified priority categories for leadership development:

  • Leadership thinking at all levels
  • Empathy is not optional
  • Empowering your organization in a VUCA world
  • Learning new skills through experiences
  • Sustaining a culture of innovation

To learn more on how to lead in continuous disruption, get your free copy of the Transformative Leadership Report - Horizons 2025 today or speak to one of experts for a free consultation.


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