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3 Actions to Enhance Customer Centricity in the Workplace

Posted by Diana Montero on Mar 1, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Customer centricity is so much more than a marketing tactic, it is a way of doing business, a mission. Great companies have a customer-centric culture that encourage employees to prioritize the customer experience. This approach helps to engage employees and, according to research conducted by Deloitte, customer centricity has led companies to be 60% more profitable than businesses that are not focused on the customer.

Businesses seek having happy customers, but building satisfaction, loyalty, and gaining referrals in today's digital world is increasingly complex. Customers are requiring more attention, options, better service, and their demands are constantly evolving. However, the risk of not listening and anticipating their needs are not just creating the wrong products or investing in the wrong resources, but ultimately being displaced by competitors and failing in the marketplace.

Within this blog we explore how companies can keep pace with this challenge set by the modern customer.

Enhance customer centricity in the workplace sm

1. Experience the journey.

You can’t offer what you don’t know. Going through the customer experience of your own products and services is not always possible, but to fully understand and be able to anticipate customer’s needs, you must experience the journey or at least go through an example of good customer experience. Some customer centric corporations have decided to start with the employee experience as a way to show how powerful this approach can be - they generate happy employees that then will become obsessed with offering the best possible experience to their clients.

2. Learn about the customer.

Analyzing the market and creating segments is not enough in the age of personalization. There are further actions that you will need to follow to win the customer of the future. To be successful you must privilege the human experience and cultivate customer intimacy. Visit your client in person when possible, ask questions, listen to their expectations, and gain their trust. This is an opportunity to understand the critical customer journey, identify issues, get as much feedback as possible to then design the ideal customer journey.

3. Apply it!

Incorporate all the experience and learnings into your strategy. Establish a customer-centric leadership in your corporate culture that prioritizes the needs of the customer and employees as much as business objectives. You might want to select a few quick wins to prove the effectiveness of this approach. Offer proactive customer service and be more accessible to your audiences.

Adopting a customer centric culture is an ongoing process

Listening to your customers is an ongoing process that never ends. This, along with building a relevant offering and taking constructive feedback, constitute the basis to nurture the relationship with your clients. Make sure everyone in the organization understands their role in becoming more customer centric and maintaining this as part of their KPIs for measuring success.

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