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Our Experiential Learning Story

Posted by Gyzel Pialat on Jan 31, 2020 12:31:10 PM

Today we would like to share the story of our evolution from StratX to StratX ExL. 




We have been through an enjoyable rebranding process and designed a new logo and color scheme that draw inspiration from our heritage, past experience and dedication to novel ideas. With our ambition to be the preferred go-to-partner for experiential learning solutions to major global companies, it was felt that we must include ExL (Experiential Learning) in our name. 

From our heritage portfolio of Markstrat simulations to our bespoke blended learning journeys of today, we bring about collaborative experiences that blossom curiosity and unlock growth. To our highly respected business partners, it is not only what we do in leadership, marketing, and innovation that kept us ahead of the pack but more so how we do it. Within the realms of experiential learning, there are a multitude of ways for individuals to learn - a true diversity of choice. For more than 35 years, we have embraced creative ideas, co-created value and developed unique learning environments that put engagement, experimentation, and experience at the core of our commitment and methodology.

Experiential Learning & Collaboration

In today's world of immediacy and rapid-response, we often forget that present-day problems come with complexity and unpredictability greater than can be solved by a single mind.

The concept of experiential learning has been around for many decades yet industry experts still refer to it to these days, thanks to its unique benefits to business and individuals alike. Forbes Coaches Council talks about Experiential Learning as a development accelerator. "The hidden benefit of this type of learning is the bond formed when colleagues collaborate during the experience. Those involved all grow, engagement increases, and ownership of results deepens."  

We, at StratX ExL, strive to create memorable and engaging experiences through Experiential Learning and also promote a learning culture powered by collaboration. As a famous African proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our blended learning journeys, delivered with our industry-specific business simulations, allow individuals  to learn how to navigate through uncertainty, cultivate the value of shared experiences and responsibilities, and pursue the development of critical skills necessary to deal with challenges more effectively as leaders and as a team. 

StratX ExL is a new brand, but the industry-leading expertise isn’t

While the name you have come to know has undergone a minor change, our expertise has not. The values have not changed and the continuing desire to excel through learning by doing remains true. We began with these unalterable aspects more than 35 years ago and will continue to uphold them. See our timeline to learn more.

We are proud of our heritage that brought us to 72 countries and allowed us to deliver powerful learning experiences to more than 40 Fortune Global companies. More so, we are proud that we, together with our clients, have learned and built from both our challenges and successes over the years and that our crossroads of expertise and true collaboration have made the best version of us today.

Trends 2020 claim that the future of learning is Experiential. We, at StratX ExL, believe in its powerful business impact from our very first day. To learn more how we partner with clients to co-create value and accelerate business growth, see what we do and how we do it or simply contact us to speak with one of our expert consultants.

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