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Le Figaro: Training in the Digital Age

Posted by Yann Cartier on Apr 7, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Increasingly, companies are relying on technology and the internet to train their employees. According to an E-Doceo study, 75% of firms have already experimented with e-learning, virtual classrooms, web conferences, serious games and some have set up online courses.

"The digital native, born with a tablet in their hands, consume training differently and encourage their elders to do the same. The desire to train regularly also provides opportunities for new modes of access, easier and shorter, "says Véronique Staat, partner in charge of training at Deloitte. Adapting to the needs of new generations, the consulting group offers training “à la carte”. Each month, 4 flashcodes are displayed in elevators and employees can download them to their mobile phone. They can consult a ten minute video on leadership, geopolitics and other topics in the subway, bus or home. "550 people connect every month," says Véronique Staat.

GFI Informatique has adopted the same principle using audio. Their employees can train in their cars. They use their mobile phone to access a podcast library offering subjects on big data, the cloud and new offerings from the group.

Become a virtual coach

A new company called Coorpacademy, created by Jean-Marc Tassetto, former CEO of Google France and SFR, Arnauld Mitre, former director of Google France and former head of Isobar, and Frederick Benichou, serial entrepreneur in the field of digital, is essential in this new market that provides easier access to training. A Swiss company specializing in machine tools is using their online courses to train its customers in Africa. The operators of machine tools can transmit their knowledge. Coorpacademy combines short videos, interviews with experts, managers, collaborative forums, games and questions. "The level of membership of a community recognizes the number of those willing to become a coach. 8% to 10% is a good score" said Jean-Marc Tassetto.

But the new high-tech era does not remove certain constraints. "Digital allows you to go faster, to reach participants everywhere but the time to assimilate information continues to be the same," says Patrick Galiano, training manager at Cegos.

Vallourec learns to run a company

Vallourec, world leader in seamless steel tubes for energy, which launches an austerity plan, is engaged in a deep transformation. "We were a steel group. We are increasingly becoming an oil service company and must remain innovative to stay ahead, "says François Curie, group HR Director.

To develop client services, Vallourec launched a program in 2012 to managers across production units. This training, called "business management program", was established with support from StratX. It combines face-to-face training and distance learning. In three years, 150 factory managers in groups of about twenty people have attended a course consisting of three main phases: a 5 day live session, remote training covering 3 to 4 months and a final face-to-face session.

The program offers theoretical and simulation exercises where participants run a fictitious company. They need to increase profitability by taking into account the market dynamics. Teams have seven decisions and each has an impact on the company's strategy. Participants also have a chance to discuss strategy with members of the firm’s executive committee and StratX conultants provide debriefings to support the learning. This training has enhanced cultural alignment among participants while developing both their operational and managerial skills. "A training at least as good as the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD" says one participant.

You can see the full article at on the Le Figaro website, published on the 2nd of March by Christine Piedalu

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