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Top Benefits of Using Business Simulations for Corporate Learning

Posted by Holly Lloyd Owen on Sep 14, 2021 2:53:30 PM

In today’s more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, leaders must be agile, creative, and flexible, but how can organizations best prepare their leaders for today's challenges and future disruptions? Our infographic below explores the top benefits of using business simulations as an immersive tool for your corporate learning and development needs.

Benefits of business simulations

  • Practice agile ways of working

    Business simulations provide a safe space and give participants the confidence to take risks, stretch themselves and practice transformative moves and agile ways of working.

  • Builds trust, collaboration, and alignment

    Business simulations expose participants to different areas in the organization while working in cross-functional and diverse teams that encourage conversation and peer-to-peer learning.

  • Learning by doing

    Our business simulation-based programs follow the highly acknowledged 70:20:20 model, in which it is said that successful leaders gain 70% of their learnings from on-the-job experiences.

  • Equips leaders of the future

    Skills such as emotional intelligence, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking can only be learned over time through experience and reflection. When business simulations are used alongside assessments such as 360-feedback and peer learning, participants learn these vital leadership skills.

  • An engaging and collaborative experience

    Arguably one of the most powerful benefits, the competitive nature of business simulations helps to build an emotionally charged and highly collaborative environment which leads to lasting on-the-job change and business impact.

Business Simulations

A highly effective experiential learning solution

The StratX ExL experiential learning approach places leaders of Fortune 500 companies in front of real-life business challenges using the 70:20:10 model. Our business simulation-based learning programs offer transformative solutions to equip leaders with the relevant skills for today and tomorrow.

Discover more about the key skills business simulations help to develop and the StratX ExL business simulation portfolio.

Business simulations at StratX ExL

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