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Experiential Learning & The Modern Learner

Posted by Gyzel Pialat on Feb 10, 2020 4:51:40 PM

Markets are changing. Learning is evolving. Technologies have come and gone. Ideas have been born and laid to rest, but some concepts remain and continue to play a fundamental role in the overall scope of learning. Our rebrand as StratX ExL is related to this emerging knowledge that experiential learning is essential, more so for the modern learner.

Modern Learner

In this piece, we will explore how we bring true value to our Fortune 500 clients, how we will continually strive to innovate our solutions, and why the future is already laying out the path for an even greater experiential learning future.

StratX ExL : How we do it

  1. Our unique Experience-Learn-Apply approach is tried and tested over many years to ensure lasting on-the job change and business impact 
  2. Our Experiential Learning tools and business simulations stretch participants in a realistic business setting, giving a unique opportunity to learn and work on leadership as well as critical future workplace skills such as complex problem solving and creativity
  3. We partner with an advanced network of experts and thought-leaders, both business and academic, to which we can engage based on needs to collaborate and co-create
  4. Our talented blend of hard and soft skills expertise ensures holistic development throughout our learning journeys
  5. We have global capabilities and have worked with clients in over 70 countries, providing flexible and scalable solutions to multi-generational audience

Innovation is key to the future

StratX ExL primarily targets management development through experiential learning capabilities, blended learning journeys, and business simulations. We partner with our clients to co-create value and provide solutions in three key areas - leadership development, commercial excellence, and strategic innovation.

To make sure our clients are getting the maximum benefit, we pay acute attention to innovation, both in L&D and R&D. Thanks to a great network of experts in BioPharma, B2B, and digital technologies, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and feedback opportunities.

We are aware that the core needs and wants have not greatly changed over the past years. Our clients look for opportunities for accelerated and engaged learning, immersive simulations that drive the collaborative spirits, and learning environments where teams can bond and grow together through the experience. It must be fun and exciting too; that’s vital.

Despite the consistency in what clients hope to achieve, the way in which they wish to receive it has changed. In this world of instant data access and rapid-response communications, we have recognized that our clients want more agile solutions, more mobile and blended modalities and put simply, it is through innovation that we can provide more opportunities for the modern learner and his/her remote growth.

Experiential Learning & the modern learner

More and more, we witness individuals drifting away from traditional, didactic learning, and opting for more concrete learning experience. This means a drop in demand for passive classroom activities and a sharp hike in problem solving, active scenario, and simulation-based learning. We see individuals, teams and organizations choose learning by doing in the workplace, immersing themselves in the complexity of changing business landscapes and getting equipped with the right skills and mindset to come up with solutions hands-on instead of following something ready-made. 

The future of learning is experiential where solutions will be based on creating authentic, memorable, and deeply engaging blended learning environments that develop an abundance of skills for the modern professional, seamlessly incorporating learned theory into stimulating practice and stretching individuals to their highest potential.

To know more, discover our experiential learning: everything you need to know guide or check out what we do and how we do it , alternatively, simply contact us to book a free consultation with one of our team experts.

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