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Boosting Engagement by Bringing Experiential Learning Journeys Online

Posted by Gyzel & Alexandra on Mar 11, 2020 11:24:15 AM

Online, remote, virtual or e-learning, means something different for everyone. From how it started in the University of London, offering distance, external programs as early as 1858. To the internet boom and the introduction of the learning management system (LMS) to the corporate market in the late 1990s. To how it is today, with the exponential growth of e-learning thanks to the 21st century learning technologies. Whichever way we see and define online learning, one thing is certain: it has changed. 

How organizations use online learning to meet the needs of the modern workplace has definitely gained ground and evolved from the ugly duckling of learning programs to the now big thing.

At StratX ExL, we strive to bring the best of Experiential Learning and blended learning everywhere we go. That means providing impact by embedding immersive, risk-free learning environments into our programs and delivering it using the right blend of a face to face and online approach.

However, in today’s environment, more and more clients are opting for online, remote-only learning programs. In this article we explore the benefits of online learning and how StratX ExL brings experiential learning online to improve collective engagement.

Online learning is changing the industry

Why Online Learning Works

Based on E-learning Statistics for 2020, about 77% of American companies used online learning in 2017, compared to only 4% in 1995, and 98% planned to introduce it in their programs from this year on. Technavio has been monitoring the growth of the e-learning market in Europe and has seen an annual growth rate of 15% during the forecast period. The success is evident. So, let’s have a look at major benefits to business.

  • Greater Flexibility. A slightly obvious but nonetheless an important benefit; online learning enables organizations to bring participants together from different geographical locations to either connect at the same time or on their own time – known as synchronized or asynchronized learning. Asynchronized learning gives organizations and participants the flexibility to schedule programs based on times that work best for the individual. Simply put, online learning offers a more flexible and convenient learning experience.
  • Cost-effective Solution. Bringing participants and instructors together on-site can be costly and time-consuming. Remote learning provides a cheaper alternative to organizations who can’t afford to have their managers away from the office.
  • Broader Learning Ecosystem. The plethora of learning and content tools that are ever increasingly accessible, make remote learning an incredibly engaging and powerful experience. From creating custom designed learning portals so users can check in on their learning modules and progress, to making learning a more interactive experience through webinars, videos, and interactive documents, StratX ExL uses a variety of modalities to deliver the right learning journey for its clients.
  • Collaboration. Experiential learning is proven to yield better results, but it doesn’t have to stop at remote learning. Our industry famous business simulations can be run online and incorporated into a remote learning program helping to drive collaboration via remote teamwork and application work.

Bringing Experiential Learning Online

StratX ExL’s online learning journey includes a series of online modules that are supported by remote touchpoints such as individual or group coaching. All of which are incorporated into an existing LMS or delivered via a custom launchpad or portal.

An example of a remote learning journey: 

Example Full Remote Learning Journey

An example of a custom built online learning space: 

An example of a custom built learning portal

To ensure maximum engagement, our online modules come with our world-class business simulations that provide collaborative, emotionally-charged environments where participants can develop and acquire new skills individually and as a team. Mirroring real-world decision making situations in an ultra-compressed time frame engages participants on a higher level and embeds real and lasting results.

Proven Results from Online Learning

We know, from our experience of running some of the largest remote programs in the world with more than 45,000 participants per year, that online learning works. But don’t just take our word for it, participants from a recent 100% online-remote program on strategic innovation scored the program as follows:

  • “I took responsibility for my participation in the program.” – 8.7/10
  • “The program held my interest throughout the course of the initiative.” – 8.2/10
  • “The program structure, trainers’ approach and support, & BOS simulation exercise contributed to an excellent learning experience.” 8.3/10
  • “I will be able to use at least some of the Blue Ocean Strategy concept in my role and with my team.” – 8.7/10

Get in Touch: How We Can Create Engaging Programs For Your Remote Learning Needs

While we believe our journeys achieve maximum impact through experiential learning following a truly blended approach, online learning provides a flexible and effective alternative to the constraints of face to face learning. StratX ExL has the capabilities to run fully remote initiatives designed to your organization’s needs that create engaging and emotionally charged learning experiences. Get in touch with a learning & development consultant to find out how we can help your learning needs.

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