Audience and Objectives

This top 10 biopharmaceutical company was planning an important oncology launch. The team leader had attended a StratX leadership program. He saw the opportunity to use experiential learning to bring his cross functional launch team together. This was an important point as the team was spread geographically. He also wanted to help them think more strategically about how all the elements of the launch plans came together and how each team member in their role contributed to the overall success.


StratX ExL designed a 2-day workshop using the Launch scenario of the CentrX Biopharma simulation. Cross functional teams (including marketing, medical, regulatory , market access) took over a new drug in a fictitious but realistic biopharma market. Teams engaged in a friendly competition over three simulated rounds: pre-launch activities, launch year and post launch year, when a new competitor joined the market. StratX ExL consultants debriefed the results after each round, and teams reflected on how to improve for the next round. At the end of the simulation experience, participants reflected on key success factors applying to their brand launch and what gaps existed. They then agreed on plans to close these gaps moving forward.


The launch of the drug was a success, with quarterly revenues growing rapidly as the label expanded and the team kept working on reaching the asset’s estimated multi-billion revenue potential.

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Learning Trends in Biopharma

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