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Amr Elfass

L&D Consultant

Amr is a learning and development expert with a commercial background, change management consultant, and a facilitator who truly believes in the emergence of humanity as a whole, UBUNTU.

He is an entrepreneur with passion for start-ups, a board member for Ipharm, and experienced in sales and marketing leadership strategies. He has a passion leading teams towards vision. He has delivered over 1500 hours of sessions on four continents.

He is an expert facilitator in change management, leadership and management arena. 


Arabic (native) and English (fluent)


Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences Industry, Banking, FMCG, Aviation, and Real Estate


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Bachelor degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.

Career Highlight

Former executive with Janssen and Abbott. Recruited, developed and retained hundreds of industry leaders


Intercultural facilitation, leadership development, human performance improvement, strategy execution and buy-in, change management turn around projects.


Passion for travel, cross culture facilitation, key note talks and unleashing corporate soul

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