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2018 Recap: Recognizing & Celebrating Women in Leadership

Posted by Diana Montero on Dec 13, 2018 9:03:18 AM

In 2018, 75% of businesses have at least one woman in senior management, compared to 66% in 2017. Women in business: beyond policy

Statistics like the one above demonstrate that 2018 has been a stepping stone for women entering leadership roles. Women are earning more bachelor’s degrees than men. Some of them are asking for promotions and negotiating salaries at the same rates as men. They are also getting more involved in impactful projects and making more decisions than a few years ago.

Women in leadership positions

While there have been some encouraging strides in the right direction, prejudices still exist that are preventing women from reaching the top.

Business women encounter numerous challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions, including the lack of role models, unconscious bias, gender pay gaps, among others. In fact, the proportion of women in senior roles has decreased slightly during the last year. Hence, women still need the support from their male counterparts and organizations so that they can speak up, sit at the table, and demonstrate their value in the C-suite.


2018 proved that women leaders are not alone! 

The good news is that numerous women’s leadership events and initiatives took place in 2018, showing that companies, organizations, and individuals are taking concrete actions to support female talent and give them more visibility.

The efforts seem to be coming into fruition. 

Fortune's short list of 10 Powerful Women Leaders prove that women are succeeding to break into top leadership roles across different industries.

 Three examples of inspiring female leaders in 2018:

  • Dhivya Suryadevara became the first female CFO of the Big Three automaker, making General Motors one of the two Fortune 500 enterprises to have an all-woman CEO-CFO team.
  • Michele Evans oversees a $21 billion business at Lockheed Martin - Aerospace, Defense, Security.
  • Janet Foutty has generated outstanding results at Deloitte – Consulting ($9-billion-revenue), and she seems to be becoming a potential CEO contender.

  2018 U.S. Most Powerful Women ranking, and the international Most Powerful Women list.


Our women's leadership journey in 2018

At StratX we are convinced that elevating women in leadership roles is not only a good practice for diversity and inclusion, but it is also a critical element to successful business, and to attract and retain the best talent.

The numbers speak for themselves. Organizations with women holding at least 30% of leadership roles are 40% more likely to have sustained, profitable growth (learn more). 

In 2018 we started the first cohort of a global women’s leadership development initiative for a select group of women with demonstrated performance and potential to assume senior leadership roles in the coming years.

The global purpose

This program was designed for a notable health and life-science’s firm to help achieve gender parity, drive momentum for inclusion & diversity throughout the organization and create the next generation of leaders ready for the challenges of the future. Additionally, it creates a strong network of senior women leaders around the world, and helps empower each member of the cohort to follow her own path.

Running this initiative was an important step in 2018. Helping more companies to take tangible actions to achieve gender balance opens the doors to more impactful achievements for women in 2019.


Help us celebrate women leaders

This season, StratX wants to celebrate women in leadership roles.  We are donating our allocated holiday promotional funds to the How Women Lead Organization, which provides a supportive platform for women to collaborate and thrive in the world of business leadership.

For every like or comment we receive, we will donate $5* to the organization.

Join us in celebrating women in leadership

 *up to our dedicated holiday fund equivalent to $1,000 

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