We create flexible, yet structured development solutions to help marketers gain the skills to address their challenges. Recently, our focus has been on developing new capabilities to create a multi-modal approach to learning delivery.

StratX ExL uses the: learn > experience > apply approach to create our learning solutions. This ensures that learning is pulled through multiple touch points with the result of embedding understanding for the long-term.

We know that people learn best when they have an opportunity to test their learning, but it can be difficult to schedule dedicated time for training. Our e-learning capabilities now allow us to achieve the same StratX ExL impact through a wider variety of channels.

eLearning Example.

Our latest solution is an e-learning module called Marketing Fundamentals Overview. It accelerates learning with the use of a structured marketing planning framework. This foundation module was created to provide a more flexible approach to learning and to compliment our face-to-face programs. 

This module has a number of key features and benefits:

  1. It is divided into 5 pieces which reflect each component of the framework
  2. Learners have flexibility with regards to access through a laptop or tablet
  3. They may choose the amount of time they wish to devote to learning
  4. Learners complete assessments to check their understanding at regular intervals to help them think in terms of their own challenges, not just examples within the module

This short video provides highlights of the module and shares details of the inspiration behind it. Please let us know if you’d like more information about it.  

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