Welcome to Your Innovation Learning Journey 

We've put together a series of videos, interactive slides as well as quiz and some downloadable documents to help you learn what innovation is and how industry incumbents can innovate in an increasingly competitive world. Simply interactive with the different learning modules below to begin. 

What is Innovation?

Innovation is one of the most overused terms in the business world, an industry buzzword that helps inject a sense of relevance and excitement. However, what it means can be somewhat unclear. To begin we share a definition that captures what innovation is. 


Sustaining vs. Disruptive Innovation

Sustaining Innovation Explained

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Disruptive Innovation Explained

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The Full Explainer

Download our PDF that delves into detail the difference between sustaining and disruptive innovation and why many companies opt to disrupt. 


Business Model Innovation

Today’s top firms engineered their successes not by introducing the latest technologies but by redefining their business models first, giving rise to new forms of value creation and then integrating the right digital tools to better capture them.

Recap: How Can Incumbents Innovate?

1. Establish an innovation “sense-making unit” to collect and filter the relevant information and develop a compelling narrative for deeper discussions within the organization.

2. Focus on the problem you are trying to solve instead of relying on technology as the innovative solution.

3. Dispel the myth that innovation must always be disruptive. Is non-disruptive, sustaining innovation an alternative path?

4. Identify the type of innovation you need. Whether it be product, service or business model innovation - different types of innovation require different approaches and capabilities. Partner to co-create other capabilities.

5. Invest in developing the right talent to accelerate innovation and foster the culture of learning within the organization. Top 3 skills include creative leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving.


Accelerating Innovation: A Case Study

Download our PDF to discover how we're enabling one of the world's largest high-technology groups in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets to grow their capacity to innovate and improve their strategic vision. 


Accelerate Innovation Within Your Organization

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