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6 Trends for Leading in Biotech and Pharma in 2025 & Beyond

Posted by Alan Slavik on Aug 1, 2018 11:51:09 AM

The healthcare & life sciences sector is experiencing unprecedented change at a mind-numbing rate.

To achieve success in this ever-changing environment, firms are dealing with challenges in many ways and with varying degrees of success.

The best of the best finds unique and engaging ways to uplift competencies and quickly embed critical business strategies, processes, templates, technologies & decision-making tools.

Emerging Learning & Development Trends in Biopharma: The Big Six

To organize and empower teams, traditional onboarding and development techniques will only get you so far.

The overwhelming preference in the industry nowadays is to focus on learning by doing and on-the-job experience which, in turn, leads to greater success and improved results in the long run. This is our fundamental belief and approach at StratX.

We’ve partnered with over twenty of the leading global life sciences firms and delivered experiential solutions for over 10,000 executives and managers in over 40 countries.

Most recently, we’ve connected with thought-leaders and industry experts to understand what they feel will help blaze the trail for success in 2025 & beyond.

To our surprise, the responses have been rather straightforward. In the process, we’ve seen several L&D and commercial capabilities development trends emerging.

Our focus, moving forward, is to address the areas experts feel are critical to achieving success. We call them The Big Six and they include:


Winning Commercial Strategies

Multi-Stakeholder Value

Holistic Patient Experience

Engagement in a Digital World

• Innovation & the Start-Up Mentality

The Big Six learning and development areas in biopharma

Introducing the CentrX Biopharma2.0 Experiential Learning Hub

Over the course of the next few months, StratX will be exploring more deeply The Big Six as we introduce CentrX Biopharma2.0, our new experiential learning & development solution designed for success in 2025 & beyond.

We’ll also be sharing a white paper on how Biopharma firms can improve their teams’ capabilities within The Big Six. Be the first to receive the free white paper by registering today.

Register for the White Paper

Feel free to reach out, question, challenge, inquire or even pick up the phone and call us. Old school. (+33 1 53 46 69 00 for Paris or +1 617 300 8220 for Boston). We’ll be happy to talk and share ideas.

We hope you enjoy the ride and thank you very much for your time and attention. We greatly appreciate it.

If you’d like to hear more about our solutions and even participate in the testing phase and pre-launch cohort of CentrX Biopharma2.0, please connect with us. We’ll be thrilled to offer a free trial or workshop for your leaders and teams.

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