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5 great communication tips for HR.

Posted by Niall McDonagh on Nov 12, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Remember that without effective segment-specific communication, even the best value proposition will struggle to succeed, whether your ‘product’ is a new compensation plan, a training programme, an organisation structure or a new HR policy. The following creative standards of great marketing communication are simple but powerful and can easily be applied to implementing a major HR project or simply ‘selling’ an idea to line management!

  1. Customer-driven - embrace target’s point of view, speak to target’s needs and motivations in their own language.
  2. Involving - impactful, distinctive, entertaining, memorable
  3. Benefit focused - remain firmly and single-mindedly focused on the differentiating customer benefit (‘What’s in it for me?’) and remember that the features of your ‘product’ are secondary.
  4. Convincing - by making your message relevant, believable and honest
  5. True to brand character - what do you want your HR organisation (or you personally) to stand for (preferably something that resonates strongly and positively with your key customer segments)? Identify a few key words and phrases (focus on 3 max) and ensure that your message is consistent with this, and future messages remain consistent over time.

Although this is just a starting point and will need to be adapted to specific business and HR organisational contexts, follow these steps and you will soon start to enhance your personal reputation as well as HR’s image as a value-generating and valued contributor to the business.

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