Over the last couple of years, remote working has been a trend on the rise, however, no one could have predicted quite the abruptness of being thrown into the virtual world of working from home like we have experienced in 2020. While lockdown eases in certain countries across the world, one thing is certain, in some capacity remote working is here to stay. An annual study by Buffer shows there’s “one statistic that remains unequivocal each year: remote workers almost unanimously want to continue to work remotely (at least for some of the time) for the rest of their careers.”

So, what does this mean for Biopharma teams? While Biopharma is finding many positives from the virtual environment, like many other industries they also must deal with the negative trends too. A recent study of 3,500 employees by Buffer shows that their biggest struggle areas when working remotely are: loneliness, collaboration, and communication.


Top struggles for teams when working remotely

The top struggles with working remotely

Teamwork is paramount for Biopharma success

The communication breakdown that often comes from remote working impacts any organization, however the Biopharma industry is particularly implicated. Pharma Marketing explains that during drug development thoughtful planning and clear communication between multidisciplinary and global teams are essential in avoiding duplicative efforts and unbalanced solutions. Not only is teamwork essential for drug development but cross-functional collaboration with stakeholders from the wider medical community, regulatory bodies and policy makers is also in driving product launch success and meeting organizational goals at large.

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How does StratX ExL re-ignite teamwork in the virtual environment?

When people work together towards one cohesive goal, known as teamwork, the feelings of loneliness subside, and collaboration and communication can begin to flourish.

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StratX ExL’s highly experiential learning solutions uses its state-of-the-art web-based Biopharma business simulation to engage virtual teams in an emotionally charged competition. By replicating real challenges facing the Biopharma industry, our business simulation immerses teams in a fictitious market where they will have to work as a team to lead their company through several years of market dynamics in the matter of just a few hours. The simulation's scenarios can be adapted to your teams needs, such as product launch or portfolio management and will expose your teams to intensified competition, barriers to patient access and rapid change. They will hone their skills at becoming autonomous teams and fact-based decision-makers in an iterative process with their teammates.

Are your teams missing out on the benefits that come from offsite meetings? We can help you build an exciting and innovative virtual offsite program to re-ignite teamwork, boost collaboration and lead your teams on the path towards success. Our virtual workshops are entirely flexible and can be formatted based on the distribution of your teams. Contact us by filling in the form below for a discussion of your needs, potential virtual offsite formats and a demo of the simulation platform.

As a pioneer in experiential learning with roots at INSEAD business school, we have worked with most of the top 40 biotech companies to date and more recently one of our virtual program was rated the best for content quality and how valuable it is by managers across Biopharma companies.

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