An effective team begins with effective leadership. At StratX ExL, we use experiential learning within our leadership development learning solutions to build both the hard and soft skills needed to successfully lead in today’s challenging and changing business climate. Download our latest free guides or simply discover our insights on creating effective leadership in the workplace today. 

Emerging Trends in Leadership Development sm

Emerging Trends in Leadership Development

Download our free white paper to understand the key trends in leadership development that will impact leadership development programs over the coming years.


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What's Your Leadership Style? Quiz

In an age where working effectively with diverse and cross-functional teams, knowing which style of leadership you employ can be key to ensuring that your teams are successful.  Take our quiz to find out what leadership style fits you the best.


Our Insights on Creating Effective Leaderships

Leading in the Digital Age video

Leading in the Digital Age

As the digital evolution is joined by AI and blockchain revolutions, how will leadership styles adapt to the digital age

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Overcome the challenges of leading in the digital era

The Challenges of Leadership in the Digital Era

Companies are aware of the imperative of the digital age: go digital, or go home. We share some insights into the challenges leaders must overcome in this era.

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How to create good leaders with talent development sm

How to Groom Talent for the Top: 3 Tips for Talent Development Success

Hiring the right talent must come with the right mentoring to succeed. We introduce top three tips for talent development success based on expert research.

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Building competencies of future leaders

How to Build Leadership Competencies in Business for the Future

Knowledge is evolving so fast that lifelong learning for leaders – whatever their level – is no longer a luxury. It is not even an option. 

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6 Emerging Trends in Leadership Development video-1

6 Emerging Trends in Leadership Development in 2019 & Beyond

Video on the six emerging trends in leadership development that will impact and shape leadership development programs over the coming years.

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How to train the modern day leader 6 new trends in leadership and management

New Trends in Leadership & Management to Employ in 2019

The face of the leader is changing. Here are the new trends in leadership and management that learning initiatives will need to employ for 2019 and the following years to come. 

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developing the millennial leader

How to Develop Millennial Leaders

Learn what makes this purpose-driven and diverse generation thrive in the workplace and how to develop them into effective leaders of today and tomorrow. 

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MeetStratX Video The Making of a Great Team

#MeetStratX: What Makes a Great Team?

Find out what leadership and behavioural styles make up the StratX ExL team by watching our video. 

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3 Global Leadership Methods For Empowering Teams

3 Global Leadership Methods for Empowering Teams

We explore 3 different leadership styles from around the world and how they can empower teams and drive growth. 

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How Disruption is Changing The Face of Leadership

How Disruption is Changing the Face of Leadership

We explore the main changes that disruptive leadership has caused and its consequences worldwide. 

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Leading in the Age of Disruption

Leading in the Age of Disruption

We explore 3 key leadership paradigm shifts and how they are challenging the traditional sense of leadership

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The future of leadership development programs and a new leader

The Death of the Hero Leader and the Future of Leadership Development Programs

How future leaders will need to be self-aware and seek to develop themselves while empowering their people to do the same. 

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Experiential Learning White Paper

Effective leaders learn by doing 

Experiential learning is learning by doing. It is a proven learning method that guarantees better results than traditional learning practices. Participants will be able to apply the concepts they actively experienced and figured out during the training back on the job.

Download our experiential learning user’s guide today to find out how experiential learning can work for your leaders and teams.